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Technical features
Cod. 11100
Neutral protection Ø 24
Cod. 11101
Blue protection Ø 26
Cod. 11102
Neutral protection Ø 26
Cod. 11103
Neutral protection Ø 27
Cod. 11104
Neutral protection Ø 28
Cod. 11105
Blue protection Ø 40
Cod. 11106
Neutral protection Ø 40
Cod. 11107
Blue protection Ø 42
Cod. 11108
Neutral protection Ø 40
Cod. 11109
Neutral protection Ø 42,5
Cod. 11110
Neutral protection Ø 44
Cod. 11111
Blue protection Ø 46
Cod. 11112
Neutral protection Ø 46
Cod. 11113
Neutral protection Ø 46,5
Cod. 11114
Blue protection Ø 49
Cod. 11115
Neutral protection Ø 49
Cod. 11116
Blue protection Ø 50
Cod. 11117
Blue protection Ø 51
Cod. 11118
Neutral protection Ø 51
Cod. 11119
Neutral protection Ø 53
Cod. 14086
Neutral protection Ø 40 with hole 4mm
Cod. 14087
Neutral protection Ø 42 with hole 4mm
Cod. 14088
Neutral protection Ø 26 with hole 4mm

Vifra plus

The company process has been subjected to the necessary controls and has obtained the certification ISO 9001 which is a guarantee of reliability, adequate corporate structure and quality. Vifra, always careful to the environment and the surrounding area, since January 2020 has achieved the environmental certification ISO 14001.
Packaging and shipment
All the energies of the company are aimed at achieving excellent results in times of reactivity to the order received, developing an ordered and coordinated warehouse logistics for daily deliveries around the world.
Every single product can be customized, with solutions tailored to your needs.
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Each product in catalog can be tailored according to customer needs. Design changes, finishing, custom assemblies or other.

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