Plastic is too valuable
to waste it.


Vifra has always been careful about the protection of the environment. Recently Vifra has decided to engage further and in a more concrete way, implementing some important improvements to its production process.

Vifra uses innovative materials always being aware of the environmental issues and the containment of waste, paying attention to the ecological factor



With the philosophy of a company that cares about the future, Vifra proudly contributes by helping the Environmental sustainability thanks to several initiatives:  

> Since January 2020 we have achieved ISO 14001 Environment Certification,

> We have a production plant with zero emissions,

> We are testing new finishes with Trivalent chrome, non-toxic and much more safety than Exavalent Chrome, we are always looking for new products in re-generated plastic to be an alternative to actual products in Iron or Zinc,

> In collaboration with our raw materials’ suppliers, the production uses recycled material, biodegradable and also items which are entirely recycled, such as the plastic main-fold boxes (in the picture),

> For the future, we are planning a photovoltaic system to increase our energetic efficiency, decrease our electrical energy costs and be always updated using renewable energies.

The Eco-friendly aspect of shut-off showers

By using Vifra shut-off showers, the toilet paper use is reduced and as a consequence also the environmental impact, as toilet paper is a problem for the environment both for the quantity we use, and for the trees that are cut down to make it.

As you can see in the graph below, each Italian consumes an average of 70 toilet paper rolls each year, about 4 kilos each.

The environmental damage is therefore a serious consequence if we calculate that 270 thousand trees are cut to produce toilet paper every year, in the world.

Another problem is the pollution, as worls’s toilet paper is often a non-recyclable material. Only 2% of it is actually recyclable.

A further factor is the economic aspect, because even though the price of each roll is not high, the final expense, on a monthly basis, becomes very significant. To reduce the toilet paper consume, a practical and hygienic solution is therefore to wash ouself after going to the bathroom. For this reason, the shut-off showers, already used in different countries around the world, assume a fundamental role.

Vifra shut-off kits, in addition, allow the use of a flow regulator which provide a constant limitation of the flow, reducing waste and water consumption.