Declaration of compliance with REACH Regulation

We hereby inform customers that all items provided to you are in compliance with Reach regulations.
According to this legislation, Vifra is classified as a “last user”. Its production process, is limited to the transformation of “preparations” (mixtures of polymers and dyes), and does not generate any new substance that needs registration. According to the legislation, even polymers themselves do not require registration.
Vifra purchases raw materials from qualified suppliers, and constantly monitors the activity of these, verifying the safety data sheets of the incoming materials, and applying the appropriate risk control measures.
Moreover, Vifra does not intend to use the substances defined as dangerous (SVHC – substance of Very High concern) on the bills of materials of its articles, as defined by ECHA in the update ECHA/NR/21/05 of the 17th of January 2023.
Although SVHC substances are not added intentionally, this does not exclude the presence of negligible traces, less than 0,1%, due to impurities in components supplied by external parties and used in the production process.
Any changes to the provisions of REACH will be promptly communicated to Vifra to all interested customers.
Vifra declare that all the supplied products do not contain SVHC substances, and they are conformed to the 1906/2006 CE REACH standard.
All this is of course applicable to the finished goods and at the exit from our warehouses, Vifra is not responsible for any subsequent alteration.

Vifra Srl

Download the declaration in PDF format

REACH Vifra declaration (Italian)


REACH Vifra declaration (English)