Vifra’s social commitment

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

Vifra’s social commitment

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”
Vifra has always dealt with social issues and believed that the social responsibility of a company is a fundamental value.
For this reason, even in its small way, Vifra has always been committed to have its impact on social changes within its area and internationally.

Thus, during its nearly 40 years of activity it has contributed:

• doing charitable activities such as donations to the food bank during holidays through the local association in its Town,
• supporting CLUP, a small Italian non-profit organization, assisting in the creation of a nursery in Hombolo, a small village in the hinterland of Tanzania, allowing local education to all ages of children,
• creating benches and bulletin boards in memory of the partisans who died during the fascist period in Invorio, the town where the Vifra’s owner was born and raised and where the company is located,
• sponsoring football and volleyball teams in the area to support young people in cultivating their passions and supporting local sports associations,
• adopting company policies for the benefit of the environment, investing in the production department to reduce the environmental impact,
• opening the Company to schools . Initially inviting the classes of the Middle Schools of Invorio and to follow the High Schools of Novara. The students are the future and showing them the transformation process from the granule until the recycling, helps to raise awareness and strengthen the concept and the importance of recycling,
• from April 2022 Vifra has decided to help Vanaprastha International Onlus, a local non-profit organization in the rural area of Karnataka, India. Vifra has recently donated (January 2023) a Jeep to the School and today it’s still building a road connecting the School to the student hostel.

The nursery in Hombolo, Tanzania
In December 2019, Vifra and its owner Vicari Marino decided to support C.L.U.P., a small non-profit association that operates in Hombolo, a village in the hinterland of Tanzania.
Mr. Vicari has been on site several times to support and accompany the Association in the project of building a Nursery, next to the already existing “Nelson Mandela Primary School”.
The work for the kindergarten was carried out and completed in February 2021, thanks also to the support of Maria Carla, an Italian woman who has lived in Hombolo for the past 18 years and who carries out the school project and long distance adoptions for the non-profit organization based in the province of Como.
Thanks to her, we received constant updates regarding the works in progress, as in her email at the beginning of 2021:

“The construction continues quickly thanks to the help that comes from all of you, especially from Marino Vicari of the VIFRA company in Invorio (NO), the person who arrived in Hombolo on the Christmas day two years ago and who has never left us!
Marino Vicari is not always physically present in Hombolo but, with his great solidarity and generosity, he has completed the construction of the kindergarten! Marino made known to the management and the workers of his company VIFRA the reality of Hombolo and, despite the difficulties of this terrible pandemic period, with great determination he managed to realize my and his dream to build the Nursery and giving the children a welcoming place where they can start their schooling which, we hope, can be decisive for improving their future.”

Hombolo, February 28, 2021: the construction of the kindergarten is finished and the children, who used to take lessons in the school canteen, can now move into the completed classes.
With pride, to date, the children have reached the fifth year, there are five primary and three kindergarten classes. You should know that in Tanzania a ranking of the best schools is drawn up, and Nelson Mandela Primary School was ranked 15th in their region out of 676 schools. This is a ranking based on the results of the exams that the fourth year students took last November and, despite the poor results of some of our students, we have achieved great success because it is the first time they have taken the state exams. The teachers are very proud of the result and are engaging more and more with the children.

“We will never tire of repeating that education is our goal, said Julius Nyerere, the first president of Tanzania who, if you want to help Africa, invest in school, if you want to help the poor, help their children to study! Thanks again to everyone from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to reach this new goal.” (Maria Carla)

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